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Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Goals

The Mission:

To contribute to the security and protection of society, facilitate movement of trade, support the economy, and achieve sustainability in collecting and managing customs duties, through achievement of excellence in delivered services and the promotion of collaboration with relevant entities​.


The Vision:

Secure society, prosperous economy and facilitated trade​.


Corporate Values:

Innovation and Excellence

Initiate the development of department's activities in creative ways.


Promote team spirit and teamwork in all work teams and committees in order to achieve the departments' objectives.

Customer Care

Provide the best services to both internal and external customers to the satisfaction of their needs and expectations.


Transparency in all processes and procedures and ensuring the delivery of relevant information to customers.


Rise above the pursuit of self-interest at the expense of the interests of the department.

Strategic Core Objectives: 

  • T​​o ensure the security and protection of society against prohibited commodities, fraud and smuggling attempts.​
  • To facilitate trade, and support competitiveness
  • To ensure sustainability in collecting and managing customs duties.
  • To achieve excellence in delivery of customs services.
  • To promote relations with strategic partners.
  • ​To develop institutional support services, and promote a culture of institutional creativity and innovation.​