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Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Goals


The Mission:

To protect the society from prohibited items, facilitate the movement of legitimate trade, and ensure a competitive economy for the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah so as to achieve customer happiness. 

The Vision:

A leading customs administration in protection of society, supporting a sustainable and competitive economy with innovative tools and excellent partnerships.

 Institutional Values:
1- Leadership: We support with all our capabilities and resources the holding of a leading global standing in all our operations ​and services.
2- Governance: Accountability, transparency and integrity will be the governing standards of all our operations and relations with all stakeholders.
3- Innovation: We promote a culture of innovation within the work environment, and integrate innovative tools in all our daily operations and activities.
4- Happiness and Positivity: Maintaining a positive work environment supported by institutional capabilities that are dedicated to bring happiness to customers.
5- Sustainability: Focusing on achievement of stable and sustainable ground-breaking results driven by efficient and effective flexible institutional capabilities. 
6- Strategic Alignment: We will work together as one team to achieve our goals in alignment with the Government's vision, ensuring enhanced strategic targets.​​​

Strategic Goals:

  • Reinforce the customs security system in order to ensure the sustainable security of society
  • Develop customs work, increase revenue and enhance competitiveness
  • Promote good management of financial resources and departmental property, and to support the government's direction to reduce costs and implement institutional governance
  • Establish a leading governmental model in investing in human capital,and in openness to society
  • Consolidate a culture of innovation and future foresight within the Department